Dave Feil, Owner, Volvo Factory-Trained Mechanic

I am one of those guys that likes to solve mysteries and then explain them to the bafflement of the crowd. Every day we get new ones at Vol-Spec of Escondido. Strange clunks, whirrings and creakings are the symptoms that betray a deeper problem. I could just replace parts to put you back on the road; I could specialize in one or two automotive departments. But I prefer diagnostics and making sure the whole vehicle works as a unit. That gives me tremendous clues for the best repair and resolution.
We have and use all the software and tools that dealerships have. In fact, we typically have more experience than dealership mechanics. When the mystery is solved, I will explain it all so you understand exactly what your Volvo has been through.

But realistically, I see my job as a way to have relationships with good people, the kind that build trust and long-term friendships. I usually sit with my clients and discuss their car for 10 to 30 minutes before I begin working on it. That time allows me to get to know the car's stresses and needs before I propose any expenditures for service or repair. The next time I see you, I will probably remember your name and the kind of service we did for you. For me, it's personal.

I've serviced several Volvos over the 300,000 mile mark and a few over 500,000. It keeps people coming back and recommending Vol-Spec of Escondido to their friends. I believe in the design and strength of Volvos. I believe all mechanical problems have a solution and I'll be darned if I can't find it and fix it!

Come and test drive our service. Compare us to the dealership. We're not just mechanics, we are your North County Volvo Specialists, a Volvo's best friend.

Axel Cojulun, Volvo Factory-Trained and Certified Volvo Master Mechanic

It is such a privilege to be working with Dave Feil at Vol-Spec of Escondido. I knew Dave for several years before working here and I trusted his know-how. After over 15 years as a Factory Trained Volvo specialist, working at European, North and Latin American dealerships, I decided to be true to my calling. I no longer do repairs according to an impersonal business-driven setting. Now I thrive by working directly with Volvo owners. Today's modern Volvos are computer-driven marvels that talk to me, and I excel at that, but my first calling is mechanics and performance.

From my broad experience in the field, I am sure you will find our service to be unequaled, our knowledge of Volvos unsurpassed, and our commitment to our customers above expectations. I am dedicated to it.